When it comes to selecting suppliers, it is especially important to us to use only natural ingredients in our project bags and to be working with companies that are as local as can be to us.

We're pretty sure you'd find it surprising how hard it can be to make project bags that are as natural as can be! A lot of the fabrics and interfacings that are out there have at least a small amount of plastic in them, and that is something we strive to avoid.


When it comes to fabrics, every bag consists of three different ones: two for the outside, and one for the lining.

Outside fabric #1: Austrian linen

After a few iterations, we managed to track down a trusted supplier of our beloved herringbone linen that is reliable and one of the kind of companies we like to support. It's Vieböck Leinen, a GOTS, IVN & BGF certified weaving mill based in Austria that's been around since 1832. 

The flax they use is sourced and processed in France and the Netherlands before it's transported to one of their partner spinning mills in Italy, Lithuania, Hungary or Tunesia. The spun linen yarn is woven into all types of linen and "half-linen" fabrics in their weaving mill in Austria - all mechanically and without added chemicals.

The fabric we're using is undyed.

Outside fabric #2a: Wool

The contrast fabric for most of our bags is a 100% wool fabric. It's sourced from one of Berlin's biggest fabric shops, Hüco Stoffe, and has a special relation to sustainability: Hüco buys up bolts of fabrics that are left over from fashion houses or older collections and re-sells them to makers in Berlin. These bolts would have otherwise landed in landfill so we're super happy to be able to rescue them and make them into something beautiful!

Outside fabric #2b: Cotton twill

The second outside contrast fabric we use is a cotton twill printed on demand, just for us. It's only used in our print bags, and it comes from the Berlin office & manufacturing plant of Spoonflower, the on-demand-fabric-printing company.

Lining fabric: Linen viscose blend

Until now, we've sourced our lining fabric - a linen viscose blend - from the Northern European fabric shop Stoff & Stil. The first batch of Spring Collection project bags still has this lining fabric, then we're switching to a 100% organic cotton twill fabric from Cotonea.

Interfacing: German wool felt

Our interfacing supplier embodies the ideal of a company we love to support: Rieger Betten is a small German family-owned business not far from Berlin. They have sheep and alpaca and produce all sorts of natural goodies, from yarn to clothes to fabric. We're using their wool felt as interfacing for our project bags, a fabric that is made from German sheep and produced entirely in Germany.


Carabiners & thread

Our carabiners and thread are sourced through a small Berlin-based notions company called Paul Willer GmbH. So far we haven't been able to order them directly from a manufacturer because we're still too small, but in the meantime it feels good to support a business that is local to us and employs mostly women.


Our zipper supplier is another excellent example of a long search with a happy end! Heiligenstädter Reißverschluß produces their entire line of zippers in Germany - in Thüringen, to be exact - which makes us extremely proud to be using their products as most zippers commonly used in clothes and accessories are made in China. Being able to support such a unique company is one of our greatest joys in running this business!

Leather zipper pulls

A little goes a long way. All our zipper pulls are made from one single cow hide - and we still have a lot left, so yay! Said cow hide was purchased as a remnant from the remnants store of eco-shoe brand Trippen here in Berlin. Reclaimed materials for the win!


Our woven labels are produced by Dortex, an Öko-Tex certified label company based in Dortmund. They're made entirely in Germany - another one of those little things that makes us very, very happy.


Hang tags & thank you cards

Our hang tags and thank you cards are printed by die Umweltdruckerei - and we can't speak highly enough of them. All the paper that they use is 100% recycled paper, their print colors are vegan and free from mineral oils and the entire production is climate neutral (meaning that they use eco-friendly energy sources and compensate for their CO2 emissions). Plus, they're also based in Germany!

Wrapping paper, envelopes & stickers

All additional packaging we use - be it wrapping paper, envelopes or stickers - is sourced from Memo, a Germany-based company that focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly and plastic free office material. All paper packaging we use is made from recycled paper.