Happy Socktober: A roundup of my favorite sock patterns

Happy Socktober, lovelies! If you’re totally confused by the title of this blog post, let me help you out: Traditionally, October is sock month in the knitting community. There are lots of new sock patterns released every year, sock-specific KALs are held and everyone tries to fill up their sock drawer in time for the cool weather.

Now, up until a few years ago, I didn’t get it. Knitting socks seemed unnecessarily tedious: mini needles, you need to knit the same thing twice, and then you only get to wear them a few months of the year (I can’t stand the feeling of wool against my feet when it’s warm outside). But, lo and behold, when my friend Verena released her first pattern, the Tulsi Socks, I caught the bug - and for a few months, socks were all I wanted to knit.

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We're on Pinterest now, yayyy!!

Hello lovelies! I’ve done a little something something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time: I finally set up a proper Pinterest page for HLH Designs.

I had the best time brainstorming board ideas and pinning my heart out! I’m starting with a few boards that I loved, and I hope you’ll feel the same:

  • Fall favorites: My favorite knitting patterns, recipes, books, TV shows, what have you for this beautifully cozy season.

  • Current FOs: A collection of everything I’ve finished in 2018, to be continuously updated and linked to the respective FO blog posts.

  • Yarn love: Well, what can I say? I love yarn. I love natural, ethically made yarns, and I want to spread the word, and on this board you can find my current favorites.

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Glorious Pattern Photography! - Thea Colman's Fernet Branca Sweater

During my last Untouchable Day I found myself browsing Ravelry, just for the fun of it. I stumbled across Thea Colman’s new sweater Fernet Branca which is all kinds of gorgeous, but what stopped me in my tracks was the pattern photography.

Glorious photos that just overflow with joy - pure, untainted joy and give me the feeling that the model is so incredibly comfortable in their body. That’s the kind of pattern photography that I love and want to see more of!

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FO Log: Stonethwaite Sweater (2018 FO-04)

Whoa. When I looked at the date of my last blog post, I realized I haven’t written anything here for over two months - that did most definitely not go as planned!

Very eloquent beginning of the post. But, look! A new sweater! (I actually made two, but the second one will have to wait for another post.)

A very long time ago - some time at the beginning of the year - I was approached by the lovely Clare Mountain, Brand Manager at The Fibre Co., who asked if I’d be interested in participating in their first beta knitting program for a new yarn and a new collection.

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Wool Alternatives: Summer Yarns FTW!

After finishing up a heavily cabled DK weight sweater, I'm craving something lighter on my needles. Maybe it's time to cast on one of my favorite summer tank tops? While I was pondering which one might have to jump to the front of the queue, I started thinking about summer yarns. Because, let's be real: Who on earth is going to wear a wool T-shirt in summer?

I've made one absolutely beautiful T-shirt out of an alpaca wool blend (of all things, I know...) and I've exactly worn it once. Wool and hot temperatures just doesn't work for me, and so I've fallen in love with more than one linen or linen blend yarn over the years.

I'm really glad to see more of these beautiful summer yarns pop up - and so I thought it was about time to do a round-up with a few that have recently caught my eye!

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Strong Women Kick Butt. Meet our Summer Collection!

When the time came to decide a topic for our summer collection for 2018, all I could think about was that I wanted to create a collection as a tribute to strong women who kick butt. Women who've inspired me, who've fought for us, who've made me think and question and discuss and laugh and cry and redefine my role as a woman in this world.

So today we're introducing five new colors for our project bags that will keep us company throughout the next few months.

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Meet the Maker: Oysters and Purls (Plus: Soft & Strong Socks are now available!)

You know how much we love collaborating with like-minded and like-spirited souls over here at HLH Designs, so it was an absolute pleasure to team up with Armenuhi ("Am") Khachatryan from the New York-based yarn company Oysters and Purls for our latest sock design and kit!

The Soft & Strong Kit was inspired by the friendship between Hanna Lisa and Am, and more generally friendships among women in general which we believe are often both soft and strong and nothing short of magical.

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Summer Favorites: Tank Tops with a Twist

After an intense week-long spell of unseasonably hot weather temperatures have cooled down a little bit here in Berlin. During the 30+°C days, I've been living in my two linen tank tops that I knit a few years ago - they're so wearable, keep me cool and dry fast when you sweat in them (realities, people!).

When I first starting knitting summer garments, I was very sceptical of how much wear they would get. I experimented with knitting both T-shirts and tops, different shapes and fibres, and over time came to realize that there is one type of knitted summer garment that I love above all others: A tank top made out of linen. 

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FO Log: Hay Sweater (2018 FO-03)

Does anyone else get the urge to cast on all the sweaters as soon as the temperatures hit 20°C or is it just me? I'm not complaining, though, because it means I get to look forward to an array of newly knitted additions to my wardrobe come September - and besides, sweaters are still my all-time favorite things to knit.

Sweaters are made even better when they have meaning for me.

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