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The perfect gift for the knitter in your life.

Okay, truth be told, that headline is probably as click-bait-y as it will ever get here on HLH Designs. But I couldn’t resist! Because it is true - knitters are wonderful people to gift to, but more often than not, when you don’t know what exactly they want, they’re also incredibly hard to gift to.

There are a thousand shades of yarn, there’s superwash vs. non-superwash, there’s tons of different project bag styles, and well, sometimes I get overwhelmed by choosing amongst all of that.

One thing that can never go wrong though? A gift card for a yarn shop or maker they love. So for this year’s Christmas season, I was determined to figure out a way to make gift cards work, and we did it!

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You spoke, we listened: Changes coming in 2019!

A few weeks ago, I asked you to weigh in on a couple of thoughts I was pondering for our direction 2019. Something I’m perpetually struggling with is balancing my own creative vision for HLH Designs with what you lovelies want and need from us, and, truth be told, sometimes this has gone extremely well, and other times, not so much. So for next year, I decided that I wanted to ask you directly what you want - and wow, you did deliver.

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Pricing Transparency: Three Thoughts on Pricing my Patterns

As I'm gearing up for the launch of my very first sock pattern, I've spent quite a bit of time in conversations about knitting pattern pricing and in the depths of a spreadsheet to figure out how much I would want to charge for my patterns.

The discussions around pricing in this part of our industry are plentiful and, so I've been told, resurface every few years, seemingly without triggering a change in how much is charged for patterns.

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