It's here - our first ever Community Design Bag! [Community Design #5]

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re well and you had a fabulous February so far!

I’m so so happy today because I’m finally able to open preorders for our first-ever joint design. Remember when you picked Jewels as your inspiration, chose a beautiful turquoise fabric with a copper zipper, voted for a large size, two pockets and carabiners? All these details have made their way into one fabulous prototype:

And today is the day: preorders are now open! Head over to the shop to place your order now - and don’t forget to check your inbox if you participated in the design, your 20% discount code is waiting for you!

One note regarding the preorders: I was only able to reserve the fabric for the bags until the evening of Thursday, February 28. That means that all preorders that come in until that time are guaranteed fulfilment as I’ll take them into account when I decide how much fabric to buy. I will buy a little bit extra, but I hate wasting fabric, so I’ll need to limit preorders after I’ve placed my fabric order. Long story short: If you’d like to get one of these, I would recommend to place a preorder in the next 36 hours.

I absolutely loved working on this together with you - do let me know in the comments below whether you enjoyed this as much as I did and if you want a second round of community design?