Why the Desert? - The inspiration behind our Spring Collection

My favorite color ... the seam of a desert horizon.
— Eileen Tabios, poet

When I set out to plan my 2018, I knew that I wanted to be a lot more intentional with the colors I chose for our upcoming project bag collections. While I loved the past colors, they didn't always feel cohesive. That was largely due to the fact that whenever I was working on a new collection I would go to Hüco, the fabric store we get our contrast fabrics from, see what they had in stock and make sure the colors worked well together - but they never referred to a common theme or inspiration.

This year, I wanted to change that. From now on, every collection has a center point - a piece of magic, of inspiration that connects all the dots. 

Meet the Desert Moodboard!

The center point for our Spring Collection appeared on the horizon when I was researching the Pantone color of the year and stumbled across a couple of beautiful desert photos. The shapes and colors and feelings they evoked in me stayed with me for days - and all of a sudden I knew that they had to be the start of our first collection for the new website.

I put together a moodboard with desert photos that fascinated me: flowing shapes, golden and coral and dusty pink sand, night skies with endless stars.


Coming up with the first Spring Collection colors

When I selected the fabrics for the Spring Collection, I took out the moodboard again and tried to find a good balance between the warmer, sandy tones and the cooler night sky and sunset colors.

This is how the first three colors came together:


Quartz & Exhale - the wonderful yarn additions inspired by desert colors

When I researched Fleece & Harmony's colors for our first-ever collaboration, I came across the beautiful muted pink that is Quartz and immediately knew that it would make a wonderful addition to the desert tones of the bags. But that wasn't all: Jennifer, one half of Fleece & Harmony, even suggested to dye up a custom colorway for the collaboration inspired by the desert! This is how Exhale came to be - and I absolutely love how both yarns work with the overall vibe of our Spring Collection.

I absolutely loved working from a moodboard for this collection and I can't wait to show you what we have in store for summer! You can shop the first few colors of the new collection now. Can't wait to see what you store in them!