FO Log: Kimmeridge Cardigan (2018 FO-05)

There was one specific hole in my wardrobe I wanted to fill for this fall: the cozy yet fitted grey cardigan. I own a dark blue Driftless Cardigan (a great sewing pattern by Grainline Studio!) out of a heavy jersey that I wear almost every day when the weather gets cold enough, but I was lacking something a bit warmer - and something grey.

Because, let’s face it: My wardrobe consists mostly of blacks, greys, blues, whites and the occasional pop of pink and a grey cardigan works so well with all of these colors, it was a joke that I didn’t have one already.

Even more so because I’ve known for over a year what I wanted to make: the Kimmeridge Cardigan by Clare Devine in Rauwerk Yarn.

When I suddenly found myself without anything else sitting my knitting queue a few weeks ago, I decided “now is the time” and lo and behold, two weeks later we shot these FO photos:

Kimmeridge Cardigan by Clare Devine
Kimmeridge Cardigan by Clare Devine

The Pattern:

Kimmeridge Cardigan by Clare Devine

I loved everything about the pattern. It’s fun to knit, easy to memorize, with just enough interest for the final cardigan to not be super plain (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) as it features textured front panels and a shallow shawl collar for a cozy yet polished look.

I especially loved the way Clare designed the raglan increases and how they lead into the textured panel. Makes it look super professional! The fit is great, just the way I wanted it to be: More fitted than my Black Forest Cardigan, just the right length (it hits just below the hips) with quite close fitting sleeves. I can still wear a long sleeve underneath it, but it also looks fine with a T-shirt.

One of my bugs with the Black Forest Cardigan I made last year was the excess fabric under the arms that I suspected came due to the raglan shaping. I’m happy to report that this isn’t an issue at all with Kimmeridge! Maybe I was better in the size selection here, or the stitch counts work better, who knows.

What else is there to say about it? I think the shallow shawl collar in garter stitch is genius because usually shawl collars are the bane of my existence: You think you’re done and then you have about a body’s worth of ribbing before you. Here, it’s the work of an evening, and garter stitch knit flat means glorious knitting, knitting, knitting. I used the recommended Icelandic Bind-Off and absolute love how seamless it looks and how fast that went. It’s also stretchy, so no weird pulling in of the shawl collar, hooray!

I did make a few modifications:

  • Twisted rib instead of regular rib on the cuffs and bottom ribbing

  • Tubular Bind-Off for both the cuffs and the bottom ribbing

  • No buttons. I simply knit the shawl collar about two thirds of the way, omitted the button hole instructions and called it a day. I love how it looks and I wear all my cardigans open, so I didn’t want to add buttons that a) I wouldn’t use and b) would just make the cardigan sag in the front.

All in all, highly recommend the pattern!

The Yarn:

Rauwerk Yarn

I ordered the Rauwerk Yarn back when Christine launched the first batch and decided to go with the colorway Graphit, the second-darkest grey. It’s a woollen-spun worsted weight, 100% grown and processed in Bavaria and as I’m always happy to support other small business owners, I was only to happy to put in a sweater quantity order for the Rauwerk launch.

Overall, I really liked knitting with the yarn. It’s sheepy and a little bit rustic, and the grey isn’t uniformly grey, but has little lighter and darker specks which gives it great depth and the finished fabric a wonderful look.

There are two things I’d recommend to be mindful with though when you decide to knit with it:

  • Make sure to swatch before you start knitting. You should always do that anyways, but with the first charge of this yarn, the spinning oil was left in which means the fabric changes quite dramatically after washing it. It blooms beautifully and for me, it didn’t mean a change in the swatch measurements, but every knitter is different so it might well do that for you.

  • It bleeds. Like… nobody’s business. I’m not sure if that is the spinning oil, or a lack of mordant, or both, or the grey dye? But holy smokes, I washed the finished cardigan for about 15 minutes and still came away with light grey bath water. Eventually, I just gave up and have to remember to hand wash it separately for the first few washes. If that bothers you, you can simply wash the skeins before you start knitting with the yarn.

Overall, I’m super, super happy with how the cardigan turned out! I think yarn and pattern are a beautiful match and I’d highly recommend both!