Happy Socktober: A roundup of my favorite sock patterns

Happy Socktober, lovelies! If you’re totally confused by the title of this blog post, let me help you out: Traditionally, October is sock month in the knitting community. There are lots of new sock patterns released every year, sock-specific KALs are held and everyone tries to fill up their sock drawer in time for the cool weather.

Now, up until a few years ago, I didn’t get it. Knitting socks seemed unnecessarily tedious: mini needles, you need to knit the same thing twice, and then you only get to wear them a few months of the year (I can’t stand the feeling of wool against my feet when it’s warm outside). But, lo and behold, when my friend Verena released her first pattern, the Tulsi Socks, I caught the bug - and for a few months, socks were all I wanted to knit.

I’ve managed to find an equilibrium, but I still love a good sock project on the needles for a few reasons:

  • It’s super portable.

  • It’s quite mindless.

  • It’s quick.

Socks are great palate cleanser when you’re in between bigger projects, wonderful for trying out new yarns and techniques, and dipping your toes into a new designer’s patterns.

This year, it’s my first Socktober after starting to self-publish patterns - and sock patterns, nonetheless! So what better way to celebrate than with a bundle of the three sock patterns I’ve put out so far? It contains the Kuopio Socks, the Soft & Strong Socks and my latest pattern, the Memory Lane Socks. The bundle comes in at €10 which means three sock patterns for the price of two! (Plus previous purchases count towards the bundle price, yay!) You can get it now on Ravelry.

Kuopio Socks

Kuopio Socks

Soft & Strong Socks

Soft & Strong Socks

Memory Lane Socks

Memory Lane Socks

Now, on to the really, really fun part of Socktober: the picking of sock patterns!

Here are a few of my current favorites:

Bend and Fold by Clare Devine

Bend and Fold is one of the patterns from Clare Devine’s “Correlative” series: a collection of socks that are sisters, not twins. For all of you out there who get stuck in second sock syndrome or who think there’s nothing more boring than knitting the same thing twice, Bend and Fold (and the other patterns from Correlative) are the answer! The patterns on both socks are related, but not the same, which will make them super interesting to knit.

Gladys by General Hogbuffer

I knit the Gladys Socks about two years ago on a beautiful fall vacation to Scotland. I have very fond memories of sitting in front of a small fire, working round after round of texture, and staring out into the dark Scottish night. The pattern is free (and you know my grips with free patterns), but I still recommend it because it’s, quite frankly, stunning.

Kurrajong by Verena Cohrs

If you’re looking for something quite mindless, but still interesting (and not plain vanilla), the Kurrajong socks fit the bill perfectly. They’re knit toe up which is my favorite way of knitting socks as it allows you to make them fit your foot and leg length exactly, and feature a textured stitch throughout the foot and most of the leg before finishing up with the tiniest bit of lace.

Morrison by Jenny Blumenstein

I love the mixture of garter stitch, a line of twisted stitches and cables on the Morrison socks. They’re designed for a DK weight yarn, so they’ll knit up super quickly, and will keep your feet toasty warm on even the coldest nights.

Sirius by Maria Muscarella

What sock roundup would be complete without colorwork socks? Maria’s Sirius socks are a pretty new pattern release and have me dying to cast on my first pair of colorwork socks.

I hope this short little pattern roundup provided you with a bit of inspiration for your latest sock project!