Let's pick colors! [Community Design #2]

Hello lovelies, and welcome back to week 2 of our first-ever Community Design! I was so thrilled to see all your responses to this idea and so happy that it resonated with so many of you!

Last week, I introduced two mood boards for this bag design and you voted on the inspiration behind it. The options were Pastels and Jewels, and the vote results are as follows: 35% of you chose Pastels and 65% voted for Jewels. Jewels it is!

Today, we’ll talk about color - and there’s actually two votes for you coming up!

The first one is which color you’d like to see for the fabric of the bag; the second one is the color of the zipper.

Let’s talk fabric colors, all inspired by Jewels:



Asset 1.png


Asset 2.png


Asset 3.png


Asset 4.png


Asset 5.png
Jewels Mood Board.png

Now, how about those zippers?

All our zippers are made in Germany by Heiligenstädter Reißverschlüsse, a company I’m proud to be able to buy from as most zippers that are commercially available are made in China under not-very-clear environmental and ethical circumstances.

The zipper band itself will be naturally white cotton (so try to imagine that instead of the blue pictured here!), but what I’d love to hear from you is which color you’d like the zipper itself to have:







Which color would you prefer?

Thank you so much for voting for the second round! Keep an eye out (and on your inbox) for week 3 where it’s all about selecting the type of bag you’d love and the size!