Pick your pockets, carabiners and zipper pull! [Community Design #4]

I can’t believe it’s already week 4 of the HLH Designs Community Design! This week is our last week of voting before we’ll make a prototype and open pre-orders for all of you (and you get your special discount as a thank you for participating)!

Let’s do a little recap, shall we?

In week 1, you voted for the Jewels-colored option mood board. Week 2 was all about picking a fabric and zipper color - and you chose a beautiful combination of a deep turquoise with a copper zipper.

Last week, I asked you to select whether you wanted a contrast fabric (our herringbone linen) on the outside of the bag, or just the turquoise fabric, and you could pick the size you loved the most.

Let’s take a look at the results:

Option 2: Omitting the linen and just making the bag in the turquoise fabric!

Option 1: Our usual bag design with the turquoise fabric at the bottom and our naturally colored herringbone linen at the top!

Linen and Turquoise.jpg
Full Turquoise.jpg

The fabric choice was - to me - surprisingly clear pick: 76% of you voted for the linen and turquoise combination, while 24% chose the only turquoise option.

When it came to the sizing, the results were quite a lot closer: 46% chose the medium size (perfect for a pair of socks, a hat or a shawl) and 54% the large!

So - here’s what we’ll have: A large bag with the linen and turquoise fabrics!

Onto today’s voting!

This week, I don’t have one or two choices for you - I have three! Let’s start with number 1:


Our pockets are my favorite feature of the bags (don’t tell the carabiners that!) because a) who doesn’t love pockets?, b) you can store everything and anything from notions to a printed-out pattern to yarn in them, and c) we’ve redesigned them at the end of last year so that they’re completely sewn into the side seam which means they sit flush against the interior fabric and look super sleek.

We’re currently using two different pocket designs:

2 equally wide pockets

SC KT Product Photos - 80.jpg

1 wider and 1 narrower pocket

SC KT Product Photos - 83.jpg

Onto Carabiners!

As you can see up above, our bags come with either one carabiner or with two. You can use the carabiners for keeping your stitch markers safe, clipping your scissors on them or - the original intent - threading your yarn through them so that it doesn’t get tangled and you can unclip it when you want to try on your knitting.

How many carabiners would you like in your bag?

And last, but not least: Zipper pulls!

Usually, all our bags come with a leather zipper pull from reclaimed leather from a shoe manufacturer here in Berlin. We’ve gotten quite a few requests lately though to make our bags completely vegan, which is why I’d like to know whether you’d like the leather zipper pull or not?

I’ll be back next week with the final voting results!