Tulliver x HLH Designs - a long overdue blog post, and a fantastic collaboration!

Hello lovelies, how have you been? It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve written anything here on this blog, and I try to not feel too guilty about that. The past month and a half was filled with a lot of travelling - first Edinburgh, then Helsinki, then Nice -, a growing baby bump and the launch of our first Making Stories Magazine, so sadly, HLH Designs has taken a bit of backseat.

Truth be told, I’m struggling a little bit with what to do with this one business of mine, especially when it comes to deciding how to move forward with in in the light of the upcoming changes to our life, a bit of maternity leave that I’m planning, my renewed interest in coaching, and Making Stories, which I absolutely love working on, but which also demands most of my time and energy right now.

For now, things are staying as they are - I still have a few exciting collaborations planned for the next months, maybe there’ll be another community design or a special color, and then we’ll see.

In the line of this, I’m super happy to finally be sharing this very special collaboration with you today: Tulliver x HLH Designs!


When I started planning out the collaborations for this year at the end of 2018, I knew that Elke from Tulliver Yarn was one of the people I would absolutely want to work with. Elke has been doing fantastic work on fabric and yarns with natural dyes for a long time, and her sense for color and love for her work is apparent in every single skein.

For Tulliver x HLH Designs, we decided to do something very special, a bit outside the usual realm of yarn + bag kit. Elke went through her fabric stash and picked out a handful of precious linen damast napkins (serviettes, for the English and Canadians amongst us). She inherited those napkins from the mother of a friend of hers and they’re a beautiful example of the exquisitely made textiles used for special occasions in a lot of households in the mid of the last century.

Elke dyed the fabrics up with indigo which led to the most gorgeous bright blue on the lightly patterned background of the linen damast:


We sewed up a round of medium-sized project bags using this special fabric as the contrast fabric. To go with the bags, Elke put together a handful of sock bundles consisting of a 100g indigo-dyed skein that comes with a mini skein for contrasting heels, cuffs and toes. For the minis, we have grey, light and dark pink - all three make for a wonderful color combination with the deep dark blue of the indigo.

The sock bundles are made of Tulliver Yarn’s High Twist Sock Yarn, a 100% Corriedale non-superwash yarn that’s excellent for knitting up socks. It’s high twist guarantees long wearability, and excellent stitch definition. With 400 meters / 437 yards on 100g it’s a classic fingering weight.

If you purchase a Tulliver x HLH Designs kit, you’re going to receive the following:

  • A medium-sized project bag with indigo-dyed linen damast contrast fabric

  • A 100g skein of Tulliver’s High Twist Sock Yarn in the colorway Indigo

  • A mini skein of Tulliver’s High Twist Sock Yarn in either grey, light pink or pink (depending on your kit choice)

I hope you love these kits as much as we both do - not only for their beauty, but also for the special story and loving process behind them.