Want to design a bag with us? [Community Design #1]

Hello lovelies! In the fall of last year, I did a long customer survey to figure out what you love about what we do and where we can get better - and I sneaked in a question about something that had been on my mind for a long while: A bag designed by you, our wonderful community. I was curious to hear whether you liked the idea and stoked when I saw the results and that the overwhelming majority loved it!

So today, I’m so happy to announce the very first HLH Designs Community Design! I hope you’re going to join us on this journey over the next few weeks of designing a bag together.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Every week for the next four weeks I’ll publish a blog post with something for you to vote on.

  • Week 1 (today, yay!), Jan 15 - 20: Inspiration

  • Week 2, Jan 21 - 27: Color

  • Week 3, Jan 28 - Feb 3: Design type & size

  • Week 4, Feb 4 - 10: Pockets, carabiners & zipper pull

At the beginning of each new blog post, I’ll share the results of the previous voting so that you can take that into account when you ponder your selection.

Once the voting is done in week 4, we’ll whip up a prototype, shoot a few photos and open pre-orders for the Community Design Bag.

If you participate in our first Community Design, you’ll get a 20% discount code for your pre-order - as a little thank you from us to you!

I’ll be sharing the new voting blog posts each week on Instagram, but I also thought it might come in handy to get a little reminder of the next voting round in your inbox. So when you vote, you’ll notice that I’m asking for your name and email address - this is so that I can send you a short email each week that will take you to the new blog post, but also so that I can send you your 20% discount code.

Week 1: Inspiration

For this week, your vote is all about the inspiration behind our first Community Design bag!

This is how I usually start the process of selecting new colors: I make a mood board on Pinterest based on an idea, a book cover, a photo, anything, really, that inspires me and then look at the color scheme and textures that I’ve added to the board.

So today, I’d love to invite you take a look at the two mood boards for the HLH Designs Community Design!





And now it’s time to vote!

Which mood board would you prefer to be the inspiration for the Community Design Bag?