We're on Pinterest now, yayyy!!

Hello lovelies! I’ve done a little something something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time: I finally set up a proper Pinterest page for HLH Designs.

I had the best time brainstorming board ideas and pinning my heart out! I’m starting with a few boards that I loved, and I hope you’ll feel the same:

  • Fall favorites: My favorite knitting patterns, recipes, books, TV shows, what have you for this beautifully cozy season.

  • Current FOs: A collection of everything I’ve finished in 2018, to be continuously updated and linked to the respective FO blog posts.

  • Yarn love: Well, what can I say? I love yarn. I love natural, ethically made yarns, and I want to spread the word, and on this board you can find my current favorites.

  • Makers we adore: Shining a light on some of my favorite makers and small business owners out there, who operate under the same ethical principles we do.

  • Our fall 2018 collection: One board to showcase our current collection…

  • Our knitting patterns: … and one for our knitting patterns.

It would mean a lot to me if you hopped over to Pinterest to check it out and follow us!

Hanna HaferkampComment