Glorious Pattern Photography! - Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 27

Remember when I gushed about Thea Colman’s glorious pattern photography for her Fernet Branca sweater? Well, something on Ravelry stopped me dead in my tracks the other day again, and I just had to share it with you:

Pom Pom Quarterly’s pattern photography for Issue 27 (their current Winter issue) is SO stunning that I kind of want to print a few of them and hang them on my wall.

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The perfect gift for the knitter in your life.

Okay, truth be told, that headline is probably as click-bait-y as it will ever get here on HLH Designs. But I couldn’t resist! Because it is true - knitters are wonderful people to gift to, but more often than not, when you don’t know what exactly they want, they’re also incredibly hard to gift to.

There are a thousand shades of yarn, there’s superwash vs. non-superwash, there’s tons of different project bag styles, and well, sometimes I get overwhelmed by choosing amongst all of that.

One thing that can never go wrong though? A gift card for a yarn shop or maker they love. So for this year’s Christmas season, I was determined to figure out a way to make gift cards work, and we did it!

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You spoke, we listened: Changes coming in 2019!

A few weeks ago, I asked you to weigh in on a couple of thoughts I was pondering for our direction 2019. Something I’m perpetually struggling with is balancing my own creative vision for HLH Designs with what you lovelies want and need from us, and, truth be told, sometimes this has gone extremely well, and other times, not so much. So for next year, I decided that I wanted to ask you directly what you want - and wow, you did deliver.

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FO Log: Glendalough Hat (2018 FO-07)

Hats seem to be my go-to palate cleanser these days instead of socks! They knit up so fast, and they’re rewarding - the only challenge remaining is that there’s really, honestly, only so many hats a person needs. I might need to get to gifting my hats to people - oh well.

After Hozkwoz, I decided to cast on a hat that had been sitting in my queue ever since I first saw this glorious pattern photo:

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FO Log: Hozkwoz Hat (2018 FO-06)

The weekend I finished my Kimmeridge Cardigan, I spent a wonderful afternoon at my LYS’ summer party. Amazing homemade food (Ruta’s chocolate cake is killer!), a light breeze and knitting in a courtyard - and to top it all off, I finally got to meet Anna Maltz in person!

If you don’t know Anna Maltz yet, I highly recommend checking out her Instagram (@sweaterspotter - keep an eye out for her yarn matching old cars series) and patterns on Ravelry because boy, does this woman have imagination and spirit!

When I got home, bound off my cardigan, and thought about what I wanted to knit next, I realized that even though I’d been gifted Anna’s latest book “Marlisle - A New Direction in Knitting” for my birthday, I had yet to make anything from it. I was super intrigued to try marlisle - it’s quite rare these days that I come across a technique that’s completely new to me, so it was a delight to read through Anna’s thoughts on marlisle, yarns that were suitable and not suitable and figure out how it worked.

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Ready-To-Knit: hessnatur's Winter Sweaters

Originally, the title of this post was “Knit the Look” and then I was like, wait, where have I read that? I went over to Fringe Association, and yes, I was right: Karen Templer’s category of ready-to-wear garments that you could easily knit yourself is called like that.

So, meet “Ready-To-Knit” (To cheesy? I don’t care.) - a loose instalment of RTW clothes that catch my eye that you could also knit yourself.

Starting with hessnatur’s winter catalogue and these four fabulous sweaters!

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FO Log: Kimmeridge Cardigan (2018 FO-05)

There was one specific hole in my wardrobe I wanted to fill for this fall: the cozy yet fitted grey cardigan. I own a dark blue Driftless Cardigan (a great sewing pattern by Grainline Studio!) out of a heavy jersey that I wear almost every day when the weather gets cold enough, but I was lacking something a bit warmer - and something grey.

Because, let’s face it: My wardrobe consists mostly of blacks, greys, blues, whites and the occasional pop of pink and a grey cardigan works so well with all of these colors, it was a joke that I didn’t have one already.

Even more so because I’ve known for over a year what I wanted to make: the Kimmeridge Cardigan by Clare Devine in Rauwerk Yarn.

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Happy Socktober: A roundup of my favorite sock patterns

Happy Socktober, lovelies! If you’re totally confused by the title of this blog post, let me help you out: Traditionally, October is sock month in the knitting community. There are lots of new sock patterns released every year, sock-specific KALs are held and everyone tries to fill up their sock drawer in time for the cool weather.

Now, up until a few years ago, I didn’t get it. Knitting socks seemed unnecessarily tedious: mini needles, you need to knit the same thing twice, and then you only get to wear them a few months of the year (I can’t stand the feeling of wool against my feet when it’s warm outside). But, lo and behold, when my friend Verena released her first pattern, the Tulsi Socks, I caught the bug - and for a few months, socks were all I wanted to knit.

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