Wooden Stitch Marker Set

Wooden Stitch Marker Set


Our brand-new wooden stitch marker sets are here! Produced exclusively for us here in Berlin and made out of birch wood, these stitch markers make sure you never lose track of where to increase or decrease again.

The Wooden Stitch Marker Set includes 6 x 4 stitch markers, i.e. 4 of each type we’re having made for us:

  • Hexagon - small

  • Hexagon - large

  • Triangle - small

  • Triangle - large

  • Square - small

  • Square - large

The small stitch markers fit up to a needle size of 4 mm / US 6, the large ones up to a needle size of 6 mm / US 10, with the triangles being slightly smaller than the squares and hexagons.

Each marker set comes in a tiny “stitch marker bucket” (see last picture) made of 100% wool felt.

Please note that slight color and size variations might occur.

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