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Meet our Iceland-inspired fall collection!

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Sustainability matters.

As knitters, we choose to invest hours and hours into creating garments and accessories that fit us (or our loved ones) perfectly and that are going to last for a long, long time. Through our choices as knitters - be it which yarns we use, which pattern designers we support or which project bags we buy - we have a direct impact on how sustainable and ethically sound our making is. Why is that important? We only have one planet earth. We only have one life. Supporting what matters to you is your way to make a difference.


Shop our fall collection now!

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98% natural project bags.

Because we think our choices as knitters make a huge difference in our world, we decided to provide you with something unique: Project bags that are not only designed by knitters for knitters, but that are 98% made from natural "ingredients" - and for which you know exactly who made them how.

Wool, linen and cotton are the core materials used in our bags. They're sewn by hand in Berlin by our small team - with a lot of love and a passion for colors and quality that is borderline obsessive.

Why 98%, you ask? Because our current batch of labels and zippers is still made with polyester. As soon as we need to re-order, we're going to switch to cotton.


"This is the perfect project bag. I love all the details and need a big one for my sweater and cardigan knitting projects!"

— Lisa Hannweg

"This bag is next level as far as I’m concerned. So many lovely details. I had to pick a brand new and very special project for this beauty. Perfect in every way."

— Jessica Davis


98% natural project bags.

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We care.

But who is we, you might ask? Hanna Lisa Haferkamp Designs is the brain-, heart- and soul child of Hanna Lisa, Berlin-based knitter, designer and maker. Hanna Lisa loves browsing her favorite fabric store to pull together the colors for a new collection and finding new, local-to-her, small batch suppliers. She's always on the lookout for yarn companies that value the same things she does for new collaborations and prefers to spend her weekends reading novels and knitting her heart out. A feminist at her core, she strives to build her project bag label so that she can soon expand her team to include even more awesome women!

She's supported by sewist Christiane who helps her bring her visions of all-natural modern project bags to life. We're currently looking for one more freelance sewist to join us - check out our Jobs page for details!